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"Do Not Waste a Thing!" Is a workshop for decorative and utilitarian objects that began operating in 2008. In that first period, our basic concern was to re-live life on old objects, often changing their use. Our motto was "recycle, reuse, renew" and all our materials were used at least once. We initially created for ourselves and our friends, as a way of expression and artistic creation, but slowly we did deal with more and more people so that "Do Not Waste a Thing!" evolved into a very important part of family life.

The first pieces, each unique, required too much work and their cost was proportionate. With time and change of data in everyone's lives, we have developed a different creative axis of the workshop, making projects more accessible, but without changing our basic principles of quality and originality. The basic technique we use is decoupage, which technique we want to believe, after years of experimentation and continuous work we have evolved to a great extent.

Since the founding of the Social Cooperative Society "5ENTE" ,"Do Not Waste a Thing!" has been incorporated into its actions, thus acquiring a new dynamic and new spirit of creativity!

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