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- Νear the village of Ano Doliana are located our family estates where we cultivate cherry trees organically.


- During the harvesting season, we organize visits to the estates where you can pick fruits and taste them directly from the trees.


- Under the trees, we will offer you a snack with traditional local products and ouzo or tsipouro, which you will enjoy while sitting in the shadow.


- Optionally, we can give you a tour of Ano Doliana.


- Ano Doliana is located at the slopes of mountain Parnon. There, we will reveal our grandmothers recipe and make traditional Greek deserts from the fruits we have collected.


- In the yard of our stone built house in Ano Doliana, you can take a cooking lesson! Together we can learn how to cook a famous Arcadian traditional recipe: “kokoras with hilopites” (“chicken with a special Greek pasta”), tzatziki and greek salad “horiatiki”.


- While waiting for the food to get prepared, we can walk through the streets of the village and admire the houses built by local marble. We can also visit the folklore museum and talk about the very interesting history of the village.


- After lunch, we will reveal to you the secrets of making the famous Greek coffee and will enjoy it in our artistic café.


  • on demand


Necessary equipment:


    - shoes suitable for hiking

    - hat

    - sunscreen

    - 1.5 liters of water

    - backpack



  • 2-6 hours


Kids friendly


Pets allowed

#please let us know about any health problems or allergies

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