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As in all of Greece, in the region of Kynouria the olive and olive oil culture is dominant and continues from ancient times until today.

In the huge olive grove of the area, there are centuries-old olive trees standing next to new trees and new varieties. In the ruins of an ancient city Anthini, at the area of Agios Andreas, there is an oil press carved into the rock. Also in the small villages of the area, there are the ruins of old olive mills, next to the new and ultra-modern ones.

We will meet at Astros Kynourias, where we will visit the open air “Olive and olive oil theme park”. There we will have the opportunity to see tools and parts of old olive mills, but also to see centuries-old olive trees.

After visiting the “Olive and olive oil theme park”, we will go to a little picturesque fisherman port near the vilage Agios Andreas, 6km from Astros. There on a low hill there are the ruins of an ancient city, Anthini. We will walk next to the remains of its wall and will admire the view to the Argolic Gulf, Nafplio and the island of Spetses.

From ancient times till the late ‘50s the local people of Kynouria used the port to export olive oil, olives and other agricultural products, to other places, since there were no roads at all in the area.

They produced olive oil in this city and we can see an olive press carved on a rock.

At the end of our excursion, on the top of the hill, were there is a small chapel, we will taste olive oil in a traditional delicious recipe (called “Bukuvala”), in a traditional brunch that will include homemade bread, local cheese, olives and tomato from our garden.


  • 60 euros per person


  • Taxes

  • Traditional brunch that will include homemade bread, local cheese, olives and tomato from our garden

  • Walking sticks

  • Insurance



  • Gratuities, optional

  • Personal expenses


Necessary equipment:

    - shoes suitable for hiking

    - hat

    - sunscreen

    - 1.5 liters of water

    - backpack



  • 4 hours


Kids friendly


Pets allowed

#please let us know about any health problems or allergies

Book here: +30 6972 582918

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