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The ancient Greek castle in the area Elliniko of Kynouria and the ancient city of Thyrea

In Greece, almost everywhere there are sites of archaeological interest. Some are well known and have many visitors. Others are remain "hidden" even though they are next to us. The ancient Greek castle in the area Elliniko of Kynouria and the ancient city of Thyrea is a place with a history of 3,000 years that waits, in the tranquility of Arcadian nature and its life-giving sun, to whisper its secrets to us. The guides of Social Cooperative Enterprise 5ENTE, with knowledge, love and respect for the history of their birthplace, will lead you to the traces of their ancestors and.

We will reach the area after a 30-minute drive from Paralio Astros. We will walk for a while on a dirt road and then we will enter an easy path. We will quickly reach the top of the hill and walk for a while until we see the remains of the ancient wall suddenly rise in front of us. This is the western tower of the fortification. From there we will enter the castle. The view to all parts of the horizon is amazing.

We will walk inside the castle and look for traces of the ancient settlement. From a downhill path, we will exit from the East Gate and we will meet an abandoned shepherds' settlement. Very close from there a new surprise awaits us. An ancient sanctuary, which saved because the shepherds of the area turned it into a house and barn for their animals.



60 Euros per person.


  • Hiking through ancient castle with mountain guide

  • Taxes

  • Traditional brunch that will include homemade bread, local cheese, olives and tomato from our garden

  • Walking sticks

  • Insurance


Necessary equipment:

    - shoes suitable for hiking

    - hat

    - sunscreen

    - 1.5 liters of water

    - backpack


2-3 hours



4 kilometers


Degree of difficulty:




Older than 10 years

#please let us know about any health problems or allergies

Book here: +30 6972 582918

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