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Paralio Astros is a beautiful village by the sea. Αlso has a very rich history that dates back to ancient times, from the time when myths were needed to explain what was happening in real life.

Moreover, it continues in the ancient years when it became a theater of battles of the Peloponnesian War, but also later, in the Middle Ages, when Venetian lords rebuilt the castle. The castle offered protection during the Byzantine period, but also during the period of the Greek revolution.

The location of the settlement was important until modern times, decause  its port was the main gate that connected the area of ​​Kynouria with the rest of mainland Greece and the islands.

Members of Social Cooperative Enterprise 5ENTE who were born, raised and live in the area will guide you.

Following the paths of the old part of the village, which the locals call "Island", we will climb to the castle, to get to know its history through the centuries.

We will head to the lighthouse, where we will talk about its interesting story. Vicky, a member of the Social Cooperative Enterprise 5ENTE, will be waiting for us there, to introduce us to the secrets, the taste and the aroma of Greek coffee.

Then we go down to the old pier of the port and we will talk about its importance for the economic life of the whole area of Northern Kynouria and for the great development of trade, until the middle of the past century.

We will also walk on the pedestrian street, looking for traces of the past in the old houses. We will taste local cheeses and traditional sweets in small shops.

Our walk will end with a Greek traditional drink from fruits, sugar and alcohol


  • 40 euros per person


  • Pick up from your hotel inside the village

  • Walking tour of Paralio Astros by English-speaking tour and mountain leader

  • Taxes

  • Insurance


Special offer:

  • Tasting of Greek coffee, local produce such as cheese, pies, appetizers and ouzo or tsipouro, traditional sweets, traditional drink



  • Gratuities, optional

  • Personal expenses



  • Shoes suitable for walking

  • Hat

  • Botle of water



  • 3 hours


Kids friendly


Pets allowed

#please let us know about any health problems or allergies

Book: +30 6972 582918


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