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Hiking from Ano Doliana to Tselepou Winery

Our hike starts from Ano Doliana. We will follow the downhill path that leads us to the ravine of Agiannis and we will walk for a while next to the creek.

After passing a ruined watermill, we will follow a narrow path. That will lead as to the chapel of Ai Stratigos, through the chestnut forest of the area. Ai Stratigos is a picturesque church, built on the site of an ancient sanctuary, with a very welcoming courtyard where we will stop to rest.

Following a rural road, we will reach the ravine of the Gareatis River, where we will walk for about a kilometer in its dry riverbed under giant plane trees to reach another chapel, Panagia Kouvliotissa, which has been built on the site of an ancient sanctuary dedicated to god Pan.

Τhere we will rest for a while and we will offer you a traditional brunch that will include homemade bread, local cheese, olives and tomato from our garden

At the last part of our hike, a rural road will lead us to the vineyards of the Tselepos Estate.

We will tour for a while between the climates and we will end up at the Tselepou Winery in the Kouvli area.

We will walk among the vineyards and talk about the varieties that are grown. On the north side of the vineyard we will find the church of Agios Tryphon, patron saint of vine growers, built on a small hill. The hike will end at a completely renovated watermill, next to the winery: The famous "Kokkinomylos", which has given its name to one of the fine wines of the Estate

Optionally we can offer you a traditional meal in the courtyard of the medieval watermill, next to the vineyard and under the shade of the oak trees. The meal includes vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, eggplant) stuffed with rice, local feta cheese, homemade bread and, of course, wine from the Tselepos winery.



From 45 euros per person

(meal is not included)

Necessary equipment:

- shoes suitable for hiking

- hat

- sunscreen

- 1.5 liters of water

- backpack


  • Hiking  with mountain guide

  • Taxes

  • Snack

  • Walking sticks

  • Insurance


3 hours



9 kilometers


Degree of difficulty:




Older than 10 years


#please let us know about any health problems or allergies

Book here: +30 6972 582918


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