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Photography Seminar

In Ano Doliana the nature every day gives us beautiful images.
We try to be there constantly and record it with our camera to share with those who can not be here.
Some may not be enough.
That is why we want to share our knowledge and experiences.
So we organize two-day seminars on "Nature Photography".
On the first day, with our cameras, we walk in the alleys of Ano Doliana, photographing.
We return after about two hours and after resting, we gather at 5ente. To see the photos we shot, talk about them and try to show you ways and little secrets to get better.
In the end, optionally, we present the work of Ansel Adams, one of the world's largest nature photographers, as well as other important artists.
The next day, we follow the path of the previous day, to practice for what we have learned. (Ideally, we're trying to get the same photos.)
The seminar is aimed at beginners (it is always interesting to have a fresh look), but also to experienced photographers (in-depth opinions always make good in the process of a lesson).

Information and reservations by phone 6972582918 or by mail to


Decoupage Seminar

Decoupage is called the art of embedding paper, rice paper or napkins on various surfaces using special coats and varnishes.
At "Do not waste a thing!", we have been experimenting for more than a decade with different techniques and materials. We share our knowledge with at seminars organized at the 5ente headquarters and in the nature of Ano Doliana.
We decoupage natural materials (wood, stone, etc.) that we collect in a walk we do in the neighborhoods and the ravine of the village. If the weather allows the seminar to be done outside, otherwise in the 5ente.
Duration: about 3 hours

Information and reservations by phone 6972582918 or by mail to


Pyrographic Seminar

Pyrography is the technique of "painting with fire". When exposed to fire, the wood is destroyed ... But through this destruction a work of art is born ...!
At the seminar we learn some of the pyrographic techniques on wood by creating each one of his own work which he will keep it in the end.
The lesson is at 5ente at Ano Doliana.
Duration: about 3 hours

Information and reservations by phone 6972582918 or by mail to

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Macrame Seminar

"Makrame" is called the technique of creating "cloth", knotting with the hands, without knitting or using a loom or any other tool.
Any kind of thread can be used: cotton, nylon, wicker, leather. Beads, shells, metallic elements, etc. can also be used.
At the seminar we learn some of the "Makrame" techniques for knitting bracelets, rings, necklaces.
The materials are provided by us and, of course, in the end the works are kept by their creators.
The lesson can be done outdoors if the weather conditions permit it, otherwise at the 5ente in Ano Doliana.
Duration approximately 3 hours

Information and reservations by phone 6972582918 or by mail to

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