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Wheeling2Help vol.2

Wheeling2Help vol.2 was a Pan-Hellenic charity event in which volunteers began cycling on September 7th from Constantinople to end up in Heraklion, Crete. The purpose of the action was to raise 19,000 Euros for the purchase of 100 wheelchairs, through crowd founding and the placement of piglets at selected locations.

The trolleys were delivered to twenty cities in action, 5 in each city, at celebrations organized on this occasion, and in order to raise awareness of the problems of people with disabilities, social care, participation in sports activities.
THE KINSEP 5 ONE, in the framework of its social activities, she had undertaken the coordination of the volunteers of Tripoli and the organization of the celebration in the city.
The event was held under the auspices of the Region of Peloponnese, while co-organizers were the Municipality of Tripoli and the Association of People with Disabilities in Arkadia.
On Thursday, September 29th, the events began with the gathering of cyclists at Areos Square. Then they traveled to the village of Steno where they welcomed the volunteers and accompanied them back to the Square.
There was the ceremony for the delivery of the wheelchairs to the Disabled People Club of Arkadia and shortly thereafter the sport and artistic events of 34 clubs, groups and companies began. There were places where experiential games and actions related to everyday life but also the individual skills and abilities of the people with disabilities, demonstrations of paralympic sports and the participation of everyone who wanted them were created; two tennis courts were set up where a paraglider in a stroller was fighting with anyone who wanted to try cycling clubs, presentation of cart-racing cars converted for driving by people with disabilities, artistic workshops, dance shows and finally concert.
Five donors responded to the action by depositing money symbolically for the purchase of 5 wheelchairs and 40 companies, clubs and teams who put piglets in their premises.
16 companies also provided materials for the event.
In the past and the following days, parallel events took place, with the collection of food and basic necessities and clothing on behalf of the Regional Welfare Directorate, and a bicycle ride from the Mediterranean to Paralio Astros, with the care of the North Parents and Guardian Associations Kynouria.
The whole event was crowned with absolute success, since the number of participants and those who attended the events was among the largest, while in terms of raising money, the amount of money contributed by Arcadia to the campaign was the largest of all other cities and regions of Greece

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Α play with music for children

On Wednesday, 28/12 CSC 5ente and "Oneirologio" presented in a morning and afternoon performance a fairytale
for children with music.
A subversive story, full of imagination, humor and a lot of music.
The music was attributed by Yannis Zacharellis, a guitar teacher with rich musical action and narration, by the educator Angelina Loukari with years of experience in the field of education.

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Downhill race at Ano Doliana.


On Sunday, September 18,  Downhill Race at Urban Trail / Ano Doliana took place in Ano Doliana in the framework of the 2nd Local Downhill Championship 2016.
The footpath on the first part of the route had staircases of tree trunks that made it special, while in the second, passing through the village alleys it was even more impressive with many points with stone steps, intense slopes and enough pedals.
The organizers had been well prepared for marking, cleaning and all other actions planned for such races. Also of great importance were the dangerous spots where members of the club, volunteers and the Red Cross were.
The CSC 5ente and "Oneirologio" were sponsors and supporters of the event.

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Video from the race:

"Dreamfest "

"Dreamfest" is a celebration organized by “Oneirologio”, during which, around a large common table where the hosts offer the main snacks and plenty of frozen tsipouro, they meet friends and those who feel friends. A celebration whose basic premise is: "No one pays and no one is paid". Everyone offers in kind, with little demand whoever comes to bring his good mood. Musical and theatrical events, bargain-bathers, exhibitions, and the unique lottery in which the vouchers are not bought but given off, complete the celebration. The Dreams are the last six years, the last Saturday of every September.
For the year 2017, changes are being made to how they are going, so please wait for us soon


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"Summer Night Dreams"

"Summer Night Dreams" took place in July 2012 and were organized by "Oneirologio".
On the weekends of that month, the courtyard of "Oneirologio"and the road ahead, transformed into a summer cinema whose screen (based on a neighboring house) hosted short films of Greek and foreign production, a "Motorcycle Journey Trip to Romania", the movie "Motorcycle Diaries" and the award-winning film by S. Charalambopoulos "The night Fernando Pessoa met with Constantine Cavafy".
Watching the movies was free, while a bargain was running and the hosts were relishing tsipouro and popcorn

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