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The traditional architecture of Ano Doliana


The CSC 5ente invites you to a wander in the cobblestones of Ano Doliana with the aim of getting to know better the buildings that housed our ancestors in the past centuries and to look for the footprint of the traveling craftsmen following the streets that they were carving with their buns

antine origin, to the towers and from the chiseled pilasters to the inscriptions and the other stone jewels, unique prints of their art.
The traditional architecture of the Peloponnese, part of the unified tradition of southern Greece, is an impressive unity that is worthwhile to meet. With its original expression, the oblong orthogonal core, which was the basis for all the architectural forms in Greece, gave us forms of Doric simplicity perfectly adapted to the mountainous terrain of Peloponnese.
The tour has been edited and presented by the writer / photographer Babis Pavlopoulos ("Towers & Fortresses of the Peloponnese 15th - 19th century", "Monasteries in Greece, 15 centuries of history and architecture"), associate of the 5ENTE.


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